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There are primarily three types of machine learning:

  • Supervised
  • Unsupervised
  • Reinforcement

Supervised machine learning categorizes into regression and classification. We use the regression technique to predict the target values of continuous variables, like predicting the salary of an employee. In contrast, we use the classification technique for predicting the class labels for given input data.

In classification, we…

Visualize error rate vs. K plot to find the most suitable K value.

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K-Nearest Neighbors is the supervised machine learning algorithm used for classification and regression. It manipulates the training data and classifies the new test data based on distance metrics. It finds the k-nearest neighbors to the test data, and then classification is performed by the majority of class labels.

Selecting the…

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Introduction: textfeatures

When we handle text data, we always have concerns about the data features, pre-processing of data, and more likely the predictions. To improve our model, it is important to understand the data and find the more interesting features in the data like hashtags, links, and many more.

What is textfeatures?

This is a…

Don’t ruin your personnel life looking at fake perfection or social comparison on social media

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Before reading the article, I would like it if you take some time and think about the changes in your social and professional behavior since you have started using social media.

Have you got anything?


Don’t worry. Take a long breath and start reading the article.


This package will help you discover the emotions in textual messages

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Emotion is the state of mind that is aligned with feelings, and thoughts usually directed toward a specific object. Emotion is a behavior that reflects personal significance or opinion regarding the interaction we have with other human beings or related to a certain event. The human being is able to…

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